09 February 2011

funny names & funny poses

coat: f21, sweater dress thing: thrifted, pants: kohls, shoes: thrifted keds, sunglasses: f21

Man, are these pictures BIG or what? I'm just so proud of the rapid pace at which husband is developing photography skills, plus I just feel like these pants SCREAM to be BIG.

And you thought I would only manage to come up with one outfit for them! Ha! I admit I felt the need to wear the coat because well, it's freezing outside.

I forgot to brag about something the other day while I was busy complaining about my battle wounds. But later that day, we were invited by our friends Jordan and Ashley to go bowling. We tried to go to Fat Cats on a Saturday night (HA!), learned there was an hour wait, and then went on campus. No wait, was also cheaper, and they still had blacklights. Best choice ever. But that's not the good part of the story.

I bowled a turkey! Whaaat? Yeah I have no idea why they came up with such a ridiculous name, but it was pretty awesome that I bowled three strikes in a row. Especially since I've been bowling like four whole times in my life. That Wii bowling must really have trained me well.

Owen: Are you trying to flash me??
Me: Oh my gosh, is that what this looks like?!


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