10 February 2011

looks like fall! not.

jacket: thrifted, top: f21, jeggings: jcpennys, boots: target, reason why i'm only looking down: who knows
Okay, I think we should all take a moment to admire the blossoming photographer husband is becoming! I mean, check out that sun flare! I'm so proud of you Owen :) He is such a good sport about this whole thing.

Which is why I still need an awesome birthday gift idea for him!!! Will take any suggestions!

Remember how I was complaining about paintballing and then about getting a cardboard cut? Well it looks like I've been fooled all along. Because today after attempting to open a Pillsbury can of biscuits after the outside thing was torn off and it didn't pop (hate that), I cut my finger on the sharp edge of the metal can. Why am I so prone to self-ailment?! The best part was how husband cut himself ten seconds the exact same way after I ran to the bathroom screaming and trying to run the cut under cold water. We're so smart.

But actually I am smart, because I got 96% on my physiology midterm today. Oh yeah.

Today I'm grateful that I haven't completely chopped off all of my fingers. I mean, seriously.

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  1. I told you that you would kick butt on your physiology midterm! You should just accept that I am always right :) I basically deserve credit for your A. Ha