08 February 2011

i'm a sissy

Ever gotten a cardboard cut before? It's like a papercut, but with cardboard instead of paper.

it may look pathetic, but that baby is deep!

Consider yourself lucky! I got one yesterday at work, and since I learned how to write in the WRONG WAY (as my mother so lovingly reminds me), my pen has been rubbing against it all day when I'm taking notes and stuff in class!

At least it is helping keep me awake in class, right?
earrings & necklace: ancient, scarf: target, top (which is really a "dress"): kohls, sweater: thrifted, jeggings: jcpennys, shoes: jcpennys

I'm pretty sure I wore these exact colors yesterday...time to do laundry, I know. All of our clothes are spread out across our living room floor currently. Studying types of blood cells vs. doing laundry...tough choices I have to make these days.

Future forecast is looking clear though! After this weekend, no midterms for two weeks--whaaaat?


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  1. yes i have gotten a cardboard cut before and it's awful! i'm sorry!