23 February 2011


necklace: old navy, sweater: target, dress thing: kohls, jeggings: jcpenneys, boots: steve madden, belt: f21
This was the 30 for 30 outfit that Owen picked out today :) What a nice birthday boy, picking out a 30 for 30 outfit for me when he knows my brain has run out of ideas!

And here are a few snapshots from the birthday! Owen loooooves the Rice Krispies from the Creamery, so I got him one instead of a cake. Then since my lab was cancelled this week, we got to enjoy lunch together (which literally never happens) and it was super awesome! 

We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse because it's always too busy on weekends for us to bother waiting. We of course ordered hot wings, which sadly had nothing on these bad boys. I guess that in Utah people don't really know how to order a steak because they totally overcooked Owen's steak when he asked for it medium rare (they must not have believed him). But Owen has truly become a member of my family and mentioned the problem to our server, so he got a new steak and then they also paid for it! So, overall Texas Roadhouse = not that fabulous of food, but definitely good service. 

And now we are watching I.Robot because Owen has asked me if we could watch it like every weekend and since it's his birthday, I guess I finally can give in :)


  1. I just picked up irobot from wally-world $5 bin last week and Freddie has also asked to watch it every night since. I guess it's a boy thing. By the way, I love the 30 for 30 outfit. Maybe Owen should give up computer science and go for personal stylist instead.

  2. Yeah don't worry, we got it from that bin. Along with Jurassic park 1 and 2. Somehow Owen always gets the better deal from that endless stockpile...