23 February 2011

the BIG 24

Happy birthday to the coolest guy on the entire planet!!!

man, isn't he good looking??

I'm so excited that today is your birthday, partially because for the past six months, you keep telling everyone that you were 24 already. Well, now you finally are! Except you probably will think you're 25 now. Oh well. I still love you lots and lots anyway!

And to celebrate and be super mushy because I almost never am (hehe), here are 24 reasons why I am celebrating you being in my life!

1. You smell really good! 2. Few people look as awesome in skinny jeans as you do 3. You are going to make an awesome dad and are so fun with kids (thought I think my Spanish voice for storytelling is better than yours) 4. You read and laugh at all of my blog posts, even if some of them are lame 5. You try to pronounce my physiology terms and are so hilariously off but don't care 6. You come and surprise me at work with visits 7. You love computers so much, it's actually pretty funny 8. You are the best snuggler of all time 9. You make super good pancakes 10. You like to keep a clean house too 11. But you also hate laundry as much as I do 12. You are (almost) as obsessed with Disneyland as I am, and don't mind if half of our vacations are there 13. You listen to all of my dumb stories 14. You have such a cute bum 15. You don't think that it is lame to watch Beauty & the Beast 16. You say that my cooking is actually pretty good. 17. You always compliment my nail polish and say how cute it is, even if it chips the next day 18. You are a good foomasseur (yeah, learned that word today) 19. You drive me to school at 7 am to go play weird Balinese instruments 20. You think that it's awesome that I want to be a pharmacist 21. You love your family a lot and my family a lot too 22. You figure things out on your own and are good at coming up with solutions. 23. You don't think that I am half as ridiculous as I really am (or at least you pretend to ignore it...) 24. You are the best husband of all time!!!

Also, he is awesome because he picked out my 30 for 30 outfit today--something to look forward to!

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