19 February 2011

date night-xtreme version + PP

So for date night last (thanks to CityDeal.com giving us a rockin' deal!) we decided to push our EXTREME skills to the next level and try indoor rock climbing! 

Rock climbing >> paintballing

It was not that easy and I admit that I totally felt like an amateur, but it was pretty fun! The hardest climb I ever did was only a 5.7, but even though it was super hard and my arms were shaking like crazy, it was really cool once you reached the top and felt so accomplished! 

I definitely think that I would have killer arms if I kept up this rock climbing thing!

Owen dear, you look so small down there!
Then to reward ourselves for the kickbutt rock climbing adventure we had, we decided to do another Provo Pizza date night! We headed across the street from The Quarry to Nicolitalia's Pizza.

Provo Pizza: Nicolitalia Pizzeria
Located: 2295 North University Parkway
Provo, UT 84604
Rating: 3/5

We were pretty famished, so we decided to splurge (calorie-wise at least) with an opening appetizer of hot wings. Oh. My. Goodness. These were the BEST THING EVER. It is a really good thing that we ordered the 10-piece because there probably would have been some real tension and dispute if we had only bought 5. 

look at the hot and spicy deliciousness......

I never knew that I loved ribs so much. Also, I know the tshirt is not in my 30 for 30, but I didn't want to get it all gross with the rock climbing. But the rest of my outfit still is, don't worry!
After the ribs, we were totally stoked for the pizza that we had ordered. We ordered The Stallion--mozzarella, pepperoni, steak, spinach and fresh garlic. Sounds delicious, right? 

And it looked delicious too when we ordered it:

But sadly, we were sorely disappointed.

Maybe it was because we had relished the hot wings so much and this just did not live up to the flavor expectations.

Or maybe it was because there was no sauce on this pizza (weird)

Or maybe it was because every other bite, you got a HUGE mouthful of garlic, and I still sort of have remnants of terrible terrible garlic breath right now. Like a whole day later.

We probably ordered the wrong pizza or something, but next time we go to Nicolitalia, we are so only ordering ribs, and we'll probably get 20. At least.


  1. Gosh, I love climbing so much. And, I totally agree about their pizza! We've never been that impressed with Nicolitalia Pizzeria either. We'll have to give the wings a try.

  2. they are seriously heaven. Owen requested that we go there for his birthday...which is on Wednesday!