13 March 2013


I am officially on my first Spring Break in four years! Woo! Party! Except it's not really that much of a party since Owen still has to work all week and I still have a load of stuff to get done. Here are the very exciting things I have done so far for Spring Break:

1. Did taxes (I normally very much hate this, and was excited to be done with it!)
2. Applied for a visa
3. Got a haircut
4. Took Devynne to a doctor's appointment
5. Drove to Salt Lake for a ONE HOUR interview for a camp counselor position this summer (SO LONG. If you want to volunteer with something awesome this summer too, applications are still open until the 21st: http://www.camphobekids.org/)
6. Studied for the two exams I have next week
7. Gone to barre classes every morning

I know. You all should be very impressed by number 8. It has taken a lot of willpower, but I really don't want to get too thrown off my normal schedule, and thus am keeping things way boring this spring break. And since I am on a one-month shopping fast (I know one month does not sound long, but it is hard for me!!), I can't even do anything fun and go shopping! It's been killer. But productive. And that's what being a boring adult is all about, right?

I also made more cupcakes -- little rose ones for the Bachelor finale!

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