11 March 2013


Here are some cupcakes I made for a recent ward activity! If you can't tell, the ones on the bottom are extra-large -- I recently bought a new jumbo cupcake pan, and...it's awesome. It makes cupcakes and muffins that are as big as the ones you get at Cocoa Bean, and they can totally be shared with one person :) The top ones are carrot cake cupcakes - I used this recipe and it totally spilled over the sides of the muffin tin! But they tasted good, I was so excited to use the tiny little pearl sprinkles I finally splurged on! For the chocolate ones I essentially totally copied this recipe (no shame) but filled them with a little frosting, and I hope they turned out delicious...I dropped them off at the dessert table, and when I turned back around they were all gone! Guess they looked nice at least! The main point of all of this is you should totally buy a jumbo cupcake pan, they are amazing!!!!!!!


  1. You probably should open up a cupcake shop. These looking amazing, Chels!!!!

  2. Tell me what you did, because I have never made cupcakes that look like these. I need guidance here. :)

    1. It's all about buying the right frosting tools! I use a Wilton bag and tips, kinda like what's found here:


      It's a lot of fun!