15 March 2013



I am sure many of you probably read the popular blog Cup of Jo, in which case you may have already seen this, but it just touched me so much I couldn't help but share it. This photographer took on a project of photographing kids around the world with their favorite toys, and for some reason, it almost made me cry! It just made me think, kids are kids! And I've been reading a lot of touchy-feely stuff lately, so of course it has made me think even more - when do we stop being like these kids, when we lose that awareness that deep down, we all really just want the same thing? In President Hinckley's book Standing for Something, he wrote the following:
Differences of race and culture are obvious, as are distinctions among various religious and other persuasions. I fear, however, that far too often we make too much of our differences...We have cultural and theological differences, but I believe we are of one mind in our awareness of the evils and problems of the world...I believe we agree on the need for respect for all men and women as children of God, the need for civility and courtesy in our relationships, and the need to preserve the family as the most fundamental and important unit of society. 
Seeing this and reading lately has helped me realize that I need to remember this more often - people are people. We all want the same thing. We all just want to love, and be loved. To be recognized that our existence here means something and is important to someone. I know I personally need to remember this more, especially as I interact with others. If we can just agree on a common civility and understanding, how much more meaningful could our relationships with others be?

Owen just said: "wow, I want to have toys, not kids" At least one of us is here to keep things straight :) Sorry to go on such an emotional, feeling-filled discussion...

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