06 March 2012

take a break

I remember a talk from President Uchtdorf (not going to look up the reference right now because I should be studying) where he talked about how too many of us put off our happiness until some future event occurs. I feel like that could be me right now -- I'll just be happy once I'm done with this horrible Developmental Bio midterm/I hear back from the U/I get ANY sort of mail/Owen's done with bug-blitzing at work/it's summertime/etc. But yesterday I tried to take a step back from all of that and just enjoy the day. It was sunny, which is always helpful, so I sat outside, enjoyed the warmth, and tried to just focus on the positive. And you know what, I think it worked. 

Yay for spring-time nails. Yellow with white polka dots.  I love them. 

And now I have to take that test...


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  1. I found your blog through Katie's blog! I'm going to blog stalk you now... HOpe you don't mind :)