01 March 2012

Happy 25!

I know I'm a little behind, but last Thursday, Owen turned 25! Man, he is SO old. Closer to 30 now! Sheesh. Anyway, even though he didn't want to stress me out since I had my interview at the U the day after, I still had to plan some birthday fun for him!

On Thursday after my yoga class, I walked home as fast as I could and made some hot wings for his birthday.

I didn't realize when we bought the wings that I would have to cut them up into the wings and drumsticks...what a pain! They turned out pretty delicious in the end, but from now on, I have decided that it is absolutely worth the cost of going out and buying wings!

Then we laughed as Owen and Tim danced their tushies off to Zumba Fitness on the Kinect. They were surprisingly good!

And we decided that it was time for Owen to get a haircut...

Then for dinner on Friday night to celebrate his birthday and me being done with all pharmacy school interviews, we went to dinner at Benihana. Even though it is outlandishly expensive, neither of us had been there before, and you have to at least go there once, right? We lucked out and our chef, Cornelio was super fun. He kept making all these little jokes and Owen and I would crack up the whole time while everyone else was too busy eating. I don't understand why some people go there and don't watch them cook the whole time, it's so fun! He would do all these weird funny things like flip shrimp tails into his hat and coat pocket, and then bounce an egg on the edge of his spatula. It was crazy! But we were highly entertained, and had a great time. 

He shaped the food into fun shapes, including a sweet little message, and a good friend of ours...

All in all, a fun birthday experience. And I got his all 6 Star Wars movies for his birthday (which I haven't seen before), so guess what we've been doing the past couple of days!

May the force be with you.

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