25 March 2012

Where'd You Go?

Well, I've been here, just doing the same old day-to-day routine, feeling like I don't have anything that interesting to post about. It's so funny - I totally thought that I would be able to handle doing the whole two blogs thing, since I always feel like I have a lot of opinions and I have more spare time, but it's like the whole blog vs. journal thing. It seems like I can only keep up one at a time.

Plus I've been a little intimidated by some of the blogs out there in the Internet sphere. People who post every day, have original and mind-blowing photos for every day, or cute outfits or extravagant recipes. It's all a little insane, if you ask me.

But then again, why do I need to compare my posts to any other blog?

I don't.

So I am back!

But I may not post every day. And I may not have something super hilarious or creative to say. And I certainly won't have a unique and inspiring original photograph every day. Can we all agree that this will be alright and I can keep blogging even though I may not do those things?


And if you have a problem with this, then let me know. And I can like block you from my blog or something.

Because this is my blog. And I'm gonna do what I want.


1 comment:

  1. Chelsey, I read your blog! and I know exactly what you mean, i compare other blogs to mine and it sucks, haha. I actually started writing about this a few months ago on my blog post but never finished it yet. So I know what you mean but I think your blog is great so please update more often!