21 February 2012

Park City

On our day of freedom from work and school (yay for presidents all having birthdays around the same time!), we decided to take a little drive and see what all this Park City business is about. Unfortunately, we still don't really understand. We ate at the #1 rated restaurant on Urbanspoon and found it quite lackluster (at least it was cheap, a rare thing in Park City). Don't worry, you can read about it on my food site soon :) Then we found Main Street after driving through much brown and ice, and decided that it was basically like Cannon Beach with snow. Lots of art galleries, expensive restaurants, and places that sell things that are functionless for a lot of money. We did get to see how skiers and snowboarders can practically ski right on in to the middle of the city which was pretty cool, but sadly, I'm not into the whole strapping woods onto my feet and going down a steep incline of ice thing. It was fun to get away for a little bit (even though we'll likely never return...) and we really enjoyed the bookstore Atticus, and at least we didn't have school! Plus we saw these super killer icicles...brrr....

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