15 February 2012

Busy Lately

Sorry I haven't blogged in FOREVER...I just feel like after I write my Eat BYU post every day that I am all out of words! Plus things haven't been super exciting around here lately. The average week goes like this:

Monday: School and research until 6, make dinner, watch The Bachelor at Sarah's house and have some quality girl time

Tuesday: School until 4, make dinner, watch Eureka

Wednesday: School and research until 5, make dinner, watch Eureka

Thursday: School and research until 4, make dinner, watch Eureka, maybe a church thing

Friday: No school, run errands all day, go out to dinner, watch Eureka

Saturday: No school, clean the house, go out to dinner, watch Eureka

That's about it.

We're kind of obsessed.

So unless you want to hear my opinions on the nerdiest but most awesome show of all time (yeah, Eureka), then I don't really have all that much more to say right now. We should do something exciting besides eating...and watching Eureka...

P.S. Here is what I got Owen for Valentine's Day. It's totally impractical and not useful in any way, but I thought they were just too dang cute!

They are little stuffed microbes! Included in this box is an egg cell, sperm cell, mono bacteria ("kissing disease), amoeba, and penicillin.

This post is mostly evidence to support how nerdy I am...

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

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