19 January 2012

We're Off To....

Okay, I can't keep the secret much longer...especially since it's not really a secret anymore and most of you already know our exciting news!

No, I'm not pregnant. This is always everyone's first assumption, so I thought I should clear that up right away.

But the first week in December, Owen and I went to his work Qualtrics' Christmas party. It's always a fun evening, and it is crazy that this is already our third Christmas party together at Qualtrics! Some years they do lots of giveaways of small prizes, some years they give everyone a few prizes, but this year, they announced that they were going to give away SIX cruises to randomly drawn employees. There are over 200 employees at Qualtrics now, so the odds were pretty slim...but OWEN'S NAME WAS DRAWN! I was in shock! Then I got super excited. Then I was in shock again. And now I'm really excited again.

Some people have never heard of golden birthdays, and some people just think they are weird, but let me just say right now that I am totally a believer! My birthday is on the 21st, and I turned 21 this year, so it's my golden year!

We're going to be leaving on April 23rd...hopping on a flight to...


We'll hop on our cruise ship (we're going Royal Caribbean), and then sail off to...


After a day in Nassau, we will get back on board and sail to...

COCOCAY, BAHAMAS! (a private island owned by Royal Caribbean)

After CocoCay, we'll cruise on over to...


Then we'll board our ship again and head back to Miami to complete our week of island paradises. I gotta say, I'm pretty darn excited. I can't believe that we get to go on this awesome vacation for free -- and cruises are great because all the food and everything is already provided for you! So, now I have some questions for all of you -- do you have any tips for cruises? I've never been east of Utah (sad, I know), so this is going to be a big leap! Any tips for long flights? Have any of you been to Key West, Miami, or Nassau and know of some can't-miss locations? Let us know! 


  1. HOLY SMOKES!!! How exciting!! That is DEFINITELY an awesome golden birthday present, way to go OWEN! :) Have so much fun!!

  2. You guys will have so much fun. Make sure that you bring enough money to tip all of the people that serve you. That I am sure Qualtrics won't cover for you. Have fun you guys!!