17 January 2012

My "Four-Day" Weekend

Since I don't have class on Fridays this semester, and yesterday was MLK day, I technically had a four-day weekend. But unfortunately, Owen has to work three of those four days, so it wasn't really all that exciting :( But at least I was super productive -- yay. Friday I went on campus and ran trials for my research project until my brain was completely numb (6 hours of staring at fish...awesome). Then I went and took my weight lifting exam - the only exam in the whole class that I need to get 75% or higher in order to pass the class. And it was open book. And I guessed on most of the questions, because heck, if I somehow didn't pass it, I could just take it again! I took a grand total of 15 minutes and got 100% - good thing I didn't study! Then Saturday I did some shopping, and we went and saw Beauty and the Beast in 3D! Normally I sort of hate 3D movies, but since Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie of all time, we had to go see it.

It was quite fun to see this movie that I've watched a million times before on the big screen, and I noticed lots of details I've never seen before. Definitely recommend it! But make sure to take a nap before or after because if you're anything like me, watching 3D movies makes me totally tired. Then I made some kick-butt guacamole and churro popcorn and we played a little Cranium with Tim & Megan -- not a good game to play after your brain's been wiped by 3D movie watching!

Then Monday Owen went off to work again and I was home alone again...boringggg. I planned to do more research but I forgot to copy over the videos to my computer so oops. Instead Monday was filled with laundry, making these cherry jam tarts for my super nice neighbors & our Bachelor-watching group, going to Target, pretending to study, going to the gym, and reorganizing our house. We also went to Owen's family's house for FHE and talked about the importance of reading the Book of Mormon, and then at 8 I went over to Sarah's house and watched my weekly guilty pleasure -- the Bachelor! I think mostly we all watch it just because it's fun to discuss and you don't have to really pay that much attention to get what's going on haha. We definitely already have our favorites (both Kacies) and our favorites to hate on (that horrible model girl, the weird personal trainer girl), and can't wait to see what other drama this season will hold!


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