24 January 2012

Things I've Learned from the Bachelor

You may mock me for watching this show, and honestly, I don't blame you. But this show has been somewhat educational, and here are the things I've learned:

from abc.com

  • You should always wear a swimsuit underneath your clothes because you never know when a hot tub or deep sea cave will show up, and you better be prepared.
  • You can be totally sweet to your man and a complete jerk/airhead to everyone else, and he will never know....
  • Watching ridiculous girl shows is infinitely better when you watch it with 8 other girls who aren't mocking you the entire time.
  • Crazy Utah weather will never behave, not even for the Bachelor
  • If you beg for attention and reassurance that you're hot, but you aren't a model, then you will get sent home. If you beg for attention and reassurance that you're hot, and you ARE a model, you will get a rose.
  • If you don't immediately gush on your first date about all of your previous loves and tragedies, the conversation will automatically get labeled as awkward. But not all hope is lost -- just talk about how you are bad at communication, and everything will be okay. 
  • Ratty and long caveman hair is totally in. Also, Owen is good to keep all his Justin Bieber jackets for now because they're totally in too. 
  • If you are on TV, everyone will judge you ever time you say anything. So watch yourself, sista. 



  1. This season has been fun. We should watch them together again and let our husbands bond.

  2. I've been watching it with some girls in my ward -- you should totally come! We watch it Mondays at 8 (and get to skip through the commercials!) It's a ton of fun :)