28 December 2011

Views of Christmas Break

Here's a little peek at what we've been up to here in Washington this past week! 

1. My hipster little bro trying on my new glasses -- totally think it works for him!
2. Beaches taquitos -- the best
3. Lyv and I prepping food for my holiday party!
4. The cutest display of chopped vegetables you've ever seen
5. It wouldn't be Christmas if we hadn't set off the fire alarm...twice...
6. Quinn & Owen outside Christmas morning in the rain in their pajamas, playing with his new remote control car
7. Owen & da boys showing off their muscles while playing some games
8. Just your typical day in the Barret kitchen
9. Better watch out, or someone will end up with a knife through their head!
10. Singing round the piano, a Barret tradition
11. Mom harassing Owen about making the website
12. Devynne's Christmas dessert - Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake
13 & 14. Lyvia and I working on some holiday crafts
15. My final result!
16. Our homemade JDawgs, grilled in the cold outdoors by the boys (fortunately no rain...)
17 & 18. Some snapshots from my holiday party!

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