17 November 2011

Qualtrics = The Best

It's official, my husband has the coolest job ever. Last year, when Qualtrics went into Code Yellow (aka danger zone before Code Red and the company explodes), they worked extra hard and fixed all the problems before anything major happened, and we got an iPad. I would never buy an iPad of course because I feel like they are mostly used to play games and are crazy expensive, but it's nice to have. A couple weeks ago, Qualtrics experience Code Yellow again, and then yesterday, Owen came home with a Kindle Fire! What the what! And he was so excited to give it to me, he had even programmed it to say Chelsey's Kindle and put my favorite apps on it and everything. I've always kind of thought the idea of a Kindle was cool, and now since we have Amazon Prime, I can check out books for free on it and watch all sorts of movies and stuff! I haven't really figured it out much yet, except for the fact that we got Bejeweled for free on it -- yay! So please don't think we are super rich and spend all our money on crazy electronics, Owen just has a super awesome job! Go team Qualtrics!

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