16 November 2011

Nine More Days...

... means nine more things I'm grateful for!

please don't judge me for the poor image quality on this, I took it on my computer during my office hours
9. A husband who encourages me to buy yellow tights, and then thinks they are the cutest thing ever.

8. The Internet. Even though it distracts me...a lot...I like it. And like seeing new things and being connected with the big world out there.

7. Google Maps -- I would be sooooo lost all the time without this!

6. Bobby pins

5. Spearmint Chapstick

4. The fact I don't have to go to my Torture Class of Doom tonight -- yeah baby!

3. The fact that instead I'm going up to the University of Utah pharmacy school to tour and meet with some students!

2. Another fact -- I finally mailed off the last of my pharmacy school application business yesterday -- DONE! (for realz this time)

1. Different cultures and different places around the world. Someday I hope to experience many of them!

Also, I just love everything about this girl's look. From Paris, of course. 

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