20 November 2011

Weekend Report

Last weekend we went to a murder mystery dinner and the football game. Somehow I didn't really blog about them probably because I was a little put out by both of them. The murder mystery dinner probably would have been more fun except all of the other couples at our table were over the age of 40 -- not something I was really anticipating since its a BYU event. Also we knew the guy who was acting out the president so I totally didn't believe that he was a murderer (well, he wasn't the murderer anyway, but you know what I mean). Then the football game last weekend against the UI Vandals was soooooo snoozy boring and SOOO freezing cold! At least Owen let us get hot chocolate and we had super sweet seats for the game, which was cool.

Then this weekend we went to a high school play on Friday night. This is not routine for us, but my voice lesson teacher was directing the Children of Eden production at Mt. View High School so it counted for one of my assignments. I was actually pleasantly surprised -- it was one of the best high school productions I've ever seen and it was pretty dang funny. Owen was a little offended by how not-so-doctrinally-sound it was, but I like that they dared through some controversial (not that it was anything obscene) stuff in there. Very fun. Then Saturday I tried to study but just couldn't do it, so we drove up to Salt Lake a little early for my former roommate Jenna's wedding reception, hoping we could stop at the new H&M clothing store up there. Of course I forgot to think, and we spent all our time at GATEWAY mall looking around for it (and freezing) when actually it's at Fashion Place Mall in Murray. Oops. But the reception was great, we had crepes and I caught a picture of them on fire which was fun. I'm so happy for Jenna, she is probably one of the nicest roommates I ever had and I hope that he is a great guy because he is super lucky! Then we made it to H&M on the drive home and had some fun shopping around there. It's not really that different than Forever 21 except that there were WAY more people there and they have a much better selection of men's clothing, which was nice for Owen. Beware though, the men's clothes run super small. But if you go upstairs, the line for the register and dressing rooms is way shorter, so there's a plus. Aaaand we didn't go to the football game even though it was the last of the season because we knew it would be a total blow-out and we would probably die of pneumonia. Good choice I think.

Welp, that's a lot of writing, but it pretty much sums it up! Excited for only two more days this week -- yay!

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