07 November 2011

A Gamelany Weekend

This past weekend was filled with LOUD instruments, popping eardrums, offering bowls, and good pizza. I had my three gamelans concerts for the semester on Thursday and Saturday (2 on Sat), and they went so well! On Thursday we played up in Salt Lake at Kingsbury Hall for the WorlDance performance. I learned there how surprisingly easy it is to sneak into Kingsbury hall...Anyway, after the show, Owen and I went to The Pie Pizzeria, since it was a 38 second drive away (according to Google Maps, and yes, we walked), and we really can't pass up such delicious pizza. We ordered a ridiculously large Buffalo Chicken pizza, which we will be enjoying for lunch every day this week. 

Then on Saturday, I had a "kiddie" matinee concert at 11, which was really fun because we got to play games with some of the kids and teach them how to use the instruments. We had a guessing game for the onomatopoetic sounds associated with the instruments, and one of the little girls was so funny. She was like "It was so easy, the answers were in order on the screen!" Oops! Then 5 minutes before I had to leave for my evening concert, I taught Owen how to use the manual mode of my camera so he could get some shots without flash. And here are his results -- not bad for a first timer! 

Me (the girl with face turned) rocking it on the gong. They gave me the mini mallet for the evening concert so I wasn't as insanely loud as I normally like to be for Belangajur, but it was still pretty awesome. 

Gamelan requires very intense focus. And thus weird faces. 

I found where Owen was in the audience! Yay!

Capung Gantung -- a lively funeral piece :)

And the end! 

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  1. Nice pictures, Owen! Thanks for your nice write-up, Chelsey!