08 November 2011

Study Study Blahhhhh

The real question is, should I be applying to pharmacy school if I am SO BORED WITH STUDYING?!?!?! Nobody knows. I really ought to be studying for pathophysiology since I have a midterm this week and, oh yeah, ANOTHER ONE NEXT WEEK! What the..? Anyway, I'm not studying, but am instead thinking of next semester when (hopefully) I'll have so much free time. I can't wait! One of my goals is going to be to read some more books for FUN! All the books I read are so not fun, I deserve a break. Plus it helps with my vocabulary, and I heard sometimes they ask about that kind of thing in grad school interviews, so I don't want to say that the last book I read was "Uhhh...ummm...my pharmacology textbook??" Lame-o potato. Here are some books on my to-read list:

Heard so many good things about it, and now it's a movie. Gotta read it. 
Love this funny lady, plus the cover is too weird - I gotta read it
Recently have started following her on Twitter, and she's hilarious. Must see what book is all about.
Spotted this on GoodReads, the concept sounded interesting...
I keep hearing about this one, should see what all the hype is about
Another interesting-sounding book found via GoodReads

What are some of your favorite books? Do you have any you'd like to recommend? Normally I find that most of my favorite books are categorized under "Young Adult," so I'm thinking that it's about time to start reading some more adult books. And no, not that kind of adult books...



  1. Oh books for fun, what joy! Beware of water for elephants, IMO, it is a bit of 'that' kind of adult book...

  2. I did not enjoy Water for Elephants, not because it was scandalous (although it definitely was), but because I didn't connect with the characters at all. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? was a really great, fast read. Very entertaining! The Help is really good too! I don't know if you're into non-fiction, but I would highly recommend "Better" and "Complications" by Atul Gawande. They're his reflections on being a surgical resident.