12 October 2011


"holy crap you love that"

This was the response I got from Owen today when I sent him a link to these lovely Disney Princess Designer Doll Collection. And holy crap, he is right! They are so lovely and sadly, so expensive. You've got to read the press release about them -- it sounds like it is going to be absolutely insane if you try to buy one! But maybe in a year or something they will come back in stock and someday when I am rich and have money to spend on pointless things I can get all 10. They are just so pretty and chic! The interpretation of Belle's dress is absolutely lovely, I die over Cinderella's carriage handbag (can you buy this anywhere please!), and I love how pretty Mulan is since usually she's normally pictured as being super hard-core (which is definitely awesome too).  Below is a sketch of all of the dolls since I can't find pictures of the real ones yet, but I can't wait to see how they all turn out!


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