10 October 2011

Happy Kitchen

A pretty kitchen is a happy kitchen. And a happy kitchen is a delicious kitchen. This weekend we went to the mall planning to get Owen a winter coat at one of the Columbus Day sales (don't worry, we still have school today), but none of the stores seemed to realize that it is clearly winter already (hello last week's snow) and somehow we came home with this beauty instead. Green Apple Kitchenaid mixer, oh how I love you. We made homemade pizza dough and it was SO EASY! I love walking in to my kitchen and seeing this cheery wonderful thing sitting on the counter, I wish I could use it for everything! Maybe I will. From here on out, only baked goods for every meal. How does that sound? I think tonight we are going to be making pretzels for FHE using this baby. Awesome! 


  1. How the heck did you convince your husband to spontaneously let you buy that? I am so jealous!!! That is awesome!

  2. It's addicting. Let me tell you! Well, you'll figure it out for yourself. Honestly, you won't regret this addiction, I still don't. I love cooking and I'm glad you do too! :D