22 October 2011

Cupcake Schmupcake

Would you pay $2.50 for one of these?

How about this?

Cuz we did. To celebrate me being done with my terrible choral conducting midterm, we went to The Sweet Tooth Fairy and got the two cupcakes shown above -- pumpkin chocolate chip and raspberry lemonade. 

I decided that these were ridiculously overpriced considering they are just a cupcake, and figured I could make my own that are just as cute! So the one picture below is from a batch I made for a Qualtrics thing last night -- not too bad for my first time piping frosting eh? Especially considering my piping method used a plastic Ziploc bag...So it's official, I'm totally over the buying cupcakes thing, and also I should open my own dang cupcake shop if they are making that kind of profit! Mine were even filled with frosting...mmm...

Though I do have to admit that the little plastic individual carrying cases they gave us for each cupcake were pretty darn cute. 

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