21 October 2011

Lost & Found Swag

Yesterday, Owen asked me if I knew what swag was. Yeah baby I do, and it's right here: 

Here's the "swag" we managed to get at the BYU Lost and Found Sale this year...

(from left to right)

1st row: 2 Camelbak water bottles (one with a filter), a pair of swimming flippers that just happen to fit perfectly, a BYU soccer ball
2nd row: solar scientific calculator, purple headphones, glasses case, a manly scarf, the cutest wipe case I've ever seen (and NO, I am NOT pregnant, I just thought it was too cute to pass up for the future), Harry Potter Books 2, 3, and 7
3rd row: pink gingham umbrella, Christmas decor, metallic flats (my size again!), black earmuffs, glass serving dish, Jesus the Christ in Portuguese, a church childrens book, mock tortoise shell Ray-Bans, set of 4 Magic Tree House books

Not pictured: another set of headphones, a swim cap, a bow tie for Owen, other stuff I probably forgot, and a few secret Christmas presents...

All for the grand price of...................$29.72!

Yeah, that's right. All of that for under thirty bucks. What an awesome sale. I love the BYU Lost and Found Sale; I wish it was every month! Now, you gotta go into this thing with a strategy -- having a group of people is best because then you can split up and just share the list of what you want. Grabbing as much as you can carry is a good way to go, you can always put stuff back. And don't forget to look under the tables! People are shoving stuff all over the place, so lots of good things can end up on the floor! And I don't think we'll be doing the auction again next year -- auctions are just too stressful for me! All in all, I definitely think it was a success, and you can bet we'll be returning here every year that we are living in Utah! Or surrounding states...

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