25 October 2011


Yeah man, vase shapes are cool. I hope you all like my pretty illustration of different Greek pot types, I was quite proud of them. Devynne and I have a Greek and Roman midterm coming up which is going to kick off my next two weeks of INSANITY! Yeah, it's going to be nuts -- I've got my three gamelan concerts next week, a pre-pharmacy club midterm, 3 homework projects due, two midterms, and more stuff I probably can't even remember. But the good news is that I registered for classes last night, and my schedule next semester (for my last and final time at BYU...sad...) is going to totally rock!

Yep, you saw that right -- no classes on Friday. Whaaat? I'm so excited. Also excited to take both weight lifting AND yoga...and COOKING! I won't even have to pack a lunch on Tuesdays, this is going to be great!

Though I am still totally ticked that BYU insists on having students register for classes at midnight. Ugh. What a pain. And what about the whole curfew/honor code thing? Seems a little messed up to me.

And did you watch The Sing-Off last night? What an emotional and wonderful piece Vocal Point delivered! I'm proud that they represent our school :)

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  1. Have you double/triple checked you have everything you need to graduate?!??
    Congrats on Byrd! Somethings better than nothing.. .