26 October 2011


I am feeling kind of disjointed and uninspired in my thoughts today, so please forgive me for the lack of cohesiveness in my writing today...

  1. Now that it is 40 degrees outside, can it please be Christmas already?
  2. I think I am sad I won't be taking a dance class again next semester. This one has been so much fun! I thought about taking Into to Jazz but it's only offered when I already have class
  3. I finally finished my ORCA grant application yesterday. Next goal -- PharmCas! I am so close to finishing it, I just need to get it over with.
  4. Instead of teaching a review session for the PDBIO 120 class I TA for, I made an online podcast sort of thing. I used this screen capture program and recorded my voice explaining some slides. I must admit, it was pretty hilarious, and if I had myself as a TA, I would be cracking up and totally making fun of me.
  5. I am so excited for my gamelan concerts next week -- I can't believe that it is already here!
  6. I think next year I should go as Chester the Cheetah (as in the Cheetoh guy) for Halloween. But I just don't know how Owen could dress as something similar...maybe Tony the Tiger?
  7. This week has been pretty awesome. Wanna know why? No choral conducting homework. Yeah baby.
  8. I would never be a Smurf for Halloween. I am so sick of those little blue guys showing up everywhere.
  9. Wish I had TV so I could watch Psych tonight :(
  10. I could go for some hot wings right now

this is how i feel right now. wish i had hobbes here to make things more exciting...


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