10 August 2011

Day 16 -- Mason Jars

Yeah yeah yeah. I get in the habit of blogging a bunch, and then stop. Please don't think that I am quitting out on you now, but I have two very good reasons why I have not been blogging lately:

1. It came. Yes. The new computer. But I am not permitted to go into any detail here because my mother is convinced that someone will find my blog, stalk me, and then steal my computer. And I like my computer a lot. So I do not want it stolen.

2. I have been working again. Uggh, I know, right? Swim lessons are back on, and they are actually kind of fun this session, so it's not too bad. I have also been doing a heck of a lot of research lately, since I found out that my IACUC application was due on the 10th, and I thought it wasn't due until the 20th, but we managed to get it in on time and I complete all 5 hours of safety training (snooze fest galore) and I will be able to start my research as soon as we get our fish back from Panama. Yay!

I know this shot isn't exactly the most artistically dynamic or correct, but I felt like it looked quite summery so I wanted to include it! So, these mason jars are the result of my random Pinterest perusing and the ridiculous amount of odds and ends in my craft box and my love of hot glue guns and buttons. If you were wondering why there are clear strings glued on the top, it is because they were originally intended to be hung from the tree in our backyard. I wanted to take a picture of them from the tree of course, but I waited until wayyy too late at night, so this was all I got. I apologize, but you get the idea.


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