12 August 2011

we're outta here!

Happy Friday everyone! No, I do not have the next photo challenge ready for you all yet sadly, but I am hoping that I will get a chance to catch a sweet bokeh shot this weekend as we head up to Salt Lake City for our first anniversary! We plan to spend the weekend up there away from our house where we have to make our bed and to the dishes :) On the agenda we've got relaxing, hitting up the pool, going to the temple (again, we loved it!), the Red Iguana, a cute little shop that sells macarons, the Pioneer Place farmers market, a drive-in movie, and spending the rest of the time just enjoying being with each other with nothing else to worry about! Hope you have a fun, enjoyable, and relaxing weekend!

I am so excited to celebrate our first anniversary! Being with Owen this past year has been incredible, and I cannot wait for all of the adventures we have in store for us in our marriage. Thank you for an amazing year Owen - I love you!


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