08 August 2011

Day 15 - Someone You Love

Okay, I know, I know. I accidentally mixed up days 14 and 15 and then I totally skipped blogging this weekend. But it was a busy weekend, I promise. A weekend full of outdoor concerts (free!), frozen yogurt, temple trips, farmers markets, picture taking, target runs, Captain America, church, sleeping, and getting a heat rash. Very exciting and busy, as you can see. PLUS we just realized that our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY IS ON SATURDAY! Holy bananas! How did that come so quickly???

In any case, on to the photo of the day!

Yeah, I bet you knew THAT one was coming. Yay for our one year anniversary coming up--it seriously feels like we were married yesterday, and every day is made so much better with this guy by my side. No, not the one in the tie-dye shirt, it's that hot blond guy in the grey striped v-neck.

Here are some other photos from our adventures at our first of the Rooftop Concert Series. It was a very fun venue, and I loved that it was free! The atmosphere was quite enjoyable, and we couldn't have asked for better weather that evening. If only the music performers weren't so depressing! They had some downer lyrics in pretty much every single one of their songs, but I guys that's what the kids like these days?

the crowd before the show. by the end of the night, this rooftop was packed!

this little group who was part of the pre-show was actually our favorite performance! they are called the mollies and had some fun, quirky tunes.

miss sayde price. man, she was sure a downer. and sadly you cannot see the other side of her head, which is completely shaved off. i wonder what the growing-back process will be like for that?

and the main performer of the night, mr. joshua james. he was also pretty depressing, and swore in some of his songs/while addressing the crowd! we couldn't believe it! call me prude, but if you are going to perform in front of a group who is mostly LDS and many who have brought their kids, clean up your mouth son. 

he had a thing about raising his arms up funny whenever the photographer was going to take a picture of him. it was hilarious. 

All in all, it was a fun experience, but I think I might listen to the music of the next performing group ahead of time so I know what I am getting myself into!

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