05 August 2011

Day 14- Action Shot

So for today's action shot, I asked da boyz (Owen + Tim) if they could do some tricks off the diving board for me last night before my aqua aerobics class. I hope that you are admiring the ridiculously hilarious wetsuits that Tim brought for them to wear to my class. I was telling one of my students that I am pretty sure that Owen just comes to the class to make everyone laugh and distract me while I'm trying to teach.

Anyway, here's what they came up with. Owen was pretty funny while attempting to do a flip since he totally belly flopped twice in a row after over-rotating. Poor guy. Looked good for the shots though!

Also, speaking of diving, we took the plunge and bought me a new computer. After four years and a few power cord debacles, it's really happening. We haven't gotten it yet, so I'm going to keep it's identity a surprise for a little while longer, but all I can say is that we are pretty darn excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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