04 August 2011

Day 13 - Reminds You of Childhood

I miss playing the piano.

If we weren't poor and didn't have to pay for tuition or get me a new computer or pay for grad school applications, I would buy a piano. Also, if we didn't have to move like practically every year. Pianos are heavy. But I never thought I would miss playing as much as I do.

I have so many memories of playing the piano. I admit that not all of them are the best, like the times my mom would somehow secretly know that I didn't really practice each song three times or when I struggled learning a piece or when I just didn't feel like practicing. But I am so grateful that I stuck with it, and mostly that my mother made me stick with it. I love being able to sit down and play a piece and create beautiful music. Sadly, my skills are getting a little rusty since I haven't practiced much lately, but I am hoping to take a piano class in the winter and get right back in to shape!


  1. You're welcome!

  2. Also, thanks to my mother for being the only one who comments on my blog :)

  3. Did you know there are a bunch of rooms in the hfac with pianos that anyone can use to practice? You don't have to be in a class to use them, so no need to wait until winter to get some playing in.