03 August 2011

Day 12 - Sun Flare

The past two days have been exciting. Let me count the reasons why...

1. Yesterday when I tried to unplug my computer's power cord from the wall, the middle of the cord where it's connected to the little box thing emitted a huge spark that almost started a fire on our shag rug. I stayed far away from it for the rest of the day, and when Owen came home, he concluded that the wires had indeed broken and that I would need another (my fourth) new power cord. I think it's time for a new computer....

2. Due to the excitement of my power cord nearly burning our house down, I jumped backwards onto my bed, right onto my glasses. Which totally bent them out of shape. Cool.

3. We have sold three of our textbooks online through Amazon and made over $200! Sooo much better than the bookstore, plus I get to visit the post office more now, how fun!

4. Being in the market for a new computer and all, I decided to check out the ones at the BYU bookstore while I was there looking for fall books. I was looking at the side of the MacBook Air, trying to figure out how many USB ports it has, when I sort of nudged something plugged in to it, which immediately set off the alarm system. The very LOUD alarm system. I tried to make it very clear that I was not trying to steal the computer, it was just an accident, and man, they sure took their time turning it off! It was so embarrassing. But very exciting, I guess. Just not in the good way. Anyway, I waited until they turned it off, apologized profusely, and then left very quickly. Thought about buying some fudge downstairs to console myself but I just really wanted to get out of the bookstore.

I think I should read a book and then take a nap...that sounds desirably un-exciting :)

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