01 August 2011

Day 10 - Animal

It is clear why Owen and I are married, since clearly neither of us can manage to make a straight face in a picture.

Since the only animals in the immediate vicinity of my house are birds (fly away too quickly) and our neighbor's super annoying dog (too ugly), I told Owen that we needed to go to the zoo for this next photo challenge. Plus, the zoo was on my summer to-do list anyway, and I've been wanting to go up to Salt Lake for a while now. Before going to the zoo, we made a trip to the SLC temple, which was incredible! I definitely recommend going there if you ever get a chance--it was a great experience. And don't forget about the awesome free parking under the conference center!

The above photos are from our trip to the zoo. They were having a "Zoo-rassic Park" theme, which accounts for the dinosaur, in case you were wondering. We probably spend a good two-thirds of our trip at the giraffes & elephants, but it's only because the tigers were sleeping, they don't have lions, bears, or penguins, and the monkeys kind of smell funky. I'm not quite sure if zoos are for me, but it was still loads of fun to get to experience it all with Owen.

Sorry about the totally noisy picture of the gorilla, but I had to include it because watching that super awesome gorilla inspired me to agree to Owen's please to watch King Kong. Terrible mistake. That movie is so scary! Plus the main girl is totally dumb, there is no moral to it, and I hate centipedes. But at least now I will be prepared for the new ride at Universal Studios I suppose.

In other news, we sold our very first book via Amazon today! It was so exciting and I am totally glad to get some money back from those expensive things. I shipped it off today and then got my first book for fall semester, Pathophysiology. Man, that is a hefty and very large book.

I also may or may not (okay, of course I did) have watched the Bachelorette: The Men Tell All episode this morning. I cannot believe that Ames is going to be on the Bachelor Pad! Ames buddy, you are way too classy for that! What is he thinking? There is no way he is going to find a woman of high enough caliber for him on that drama-filled show. Now, I like my drama, but I think that show may be too much even for me! Of course Blake is going to be on it, he is the perfect candidate. Yuck and yuck.

Anyway, totally excited for the season finale tonight! I just hope that whoever she picks (JP please) proposes to her and she can be happy!

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