31 July 2011

Day 9 - Fruit

I was so glad that we were going to get our bountiful basket the day before I had to shoot fruit because we always get a tonnnn of produce in them! This week we even got an eggplant, which should be interesting...I am thinking that maybe this week will be the time when I shall attempt to make ratatouille--mostly because I love that movie and because we got a summer squash and zucchini from Owen's family yesterday. I'm thinking I will use this recipe, and pray that it is pretty enough to take pictures of. And pretty enough that it will convince Owen that we should buy that movie. 

So we got about a million plums between last time and this week, so I tried my hand at arranging some fruit.

Clearly it was not that successful, so I switched over to shots of single fruits instead.

Pretty sweet, eh? Thank you to my laundry machine + a piece of paper for serving as my makeshift "light box" for today's work, plus a little bit of help from our dear friend photoshop.

Hope you have a lovely and marvelous Sunday and I can't wait to show you tomorrow's shots! 

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