02 August 2011

Day 11 - Silhouette

So I didn't really have anything visual exciting enough in my house to take a silhouette picture of, and I sure didn't feel like waiting until sunset time to see if maybe, just maybe, it won't be thunderstorm-y tonight and I could get a sweet silhouette shot, so whatever--you guys get a picture of me instead! I was really nervous about this kind of shot because well, I've never taken one intentionally before, but it was kind of fun! Especially the part where I got to set the 10-second timer and then hop over my bed to be in front of the blinds because it is the only part of my house where lots of natural morning light comes in.

Looking at this picture makes me think that my hair might just be getting to the point where I can say that it is long--YAY! Too bad that I am just going to have to get it cut after I'm done teaching swim lessons because the ends of my hair are looking b.a.d.

Also, looking back at yesterday's post & our trip to the zoo for some reason just makes me want to go on Jungle Cruise. I guess that is more my kind of animals...

Look forward to another fun & awesome non-photography-challenge related post coming to you very very soon!

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