18 July 2011

Small Heads

I know that it may seem like all I blog about these days are delicious foods that I have made or bought or think about, but it's only because there is really little else interesting in my life because all I do all day is teach swim lessons and study for the PCAT. All morning I dry out my skin and hair with the chlorine and all afternoon I dry out my brain and energy with attempting to memorize every biology and chemistry fact I have learned since sophomore year of high school. 

So last night we decided that we deserved a break from studying and decided to finally attempt these crazy cookies--Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies. Warning: these things are INTENSE. Eating one of them is more than satisfying for me, and I usually can only eat a half before needing a serious break. I got the recipe from the Picky Palate  but I am pretty sure that you can use any old chocolate chip recipe and then wrap them around any type of Oreo. The original recipe called for original double stuffed Oreos, but all we had was mint, and we love mint, so we used those instead. As the Picky Palate author claims, these cookies truly looked like the size of "small heads." They are humongous! The good news is that they don't spread out too much on the pan, so you are okay to have them kind of close.

All you gotta do is take your chocolate chip cookie dough, press a little lump on top and then one on bottom, and then squeeze the dough around the Oreo until it is completely covered.

Don't leave any Oreo peeking out! I actually don't think this really matters, but oh well. We used a 11 oz bag of chocolate chips instead of 10 like the recipe said to (what?? we like chocolate!) so we ended up having to press chocolate chips into the small heads once we wrapped the dough around the Oreo. The best part was that since the cookies are so enormous, we only had to cook 2 pans before all the dough was used up, which was nice because the oven made our house insanely hot. Thank you no air conditioning...

And here they are in the fully cooked and fully delicious glory. I'm warning you, do not attempt to eat these without a glass of cold milk, and good luck eating more than one! They were so heavenly, rich, and satisfying!


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  1. Whaaaat? Where have these been all of my life? Or should I say, all of my pregnancy:-) xoxo