19 July 2011


So, you may have noticed a new header for our blog. Yes I made it, and yes I used Adobe Illustrator. This is a very exciting fact because up until recently I was very opposed to this program and believed the Pen Tool to be of the devil. But, Owen convinced me that Illustrator is actually super cool and that I could make our header look way better and less pixelated if I used Illustrator instead, sooooo I decided to sign up for one of the awesome free classes BYU offers on computer programs and faced my fear. If you haven't heard about these classes, then listen up! They are taught at the library through OIT, and you can sign up by going to their website, train.byu.edu. You can even "pre-register" for a class which means that they sign you emails when the class is going to be offered so you can sign up on time! They are super helpful, and I have already taken 2 photoshop classes, 2 inDesign ones, and now an illustrator class as well. PLUS they teach classes on Qualtrics, which must mean that they are cool. Anyway, I thought that I would share some of my beginning drawings in Illustrator with you as a form of humorous entertainment for your Tuesday evening. I hope you enjoy, and feel free to laugh!

A weird genie thing I made from Mickey Mouse's head, and a variation of the saturn (?) logo

my harry potter drawing using the pen tool

a pig sketch. my very first illustrator animal

some stars

another car logo (no idea which) that I thought looked cooler with a swirl

Hopefully my banner is a little more awesome than these beginning works of "art," and I can't wait to practice (after the PCAT) with this program and make some totally awesome stuff!


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