15 July 2011

Post-Potter Depression

Yes, I can feel the symptoms coming on quickly now. No more movies, no more books, no money to go to the park (which looks super wicked awesome cool by the way). It's official, I think I have Post-Potter Depression.

We went and saw the final addition to the movie series last night (this morning?) at midnight, and it was fantastic. I am pretty sure that I would have been totally confused during the movie if I hadn't read the books (SPOILER ALERT: for some reason Harry never realizes that he has the invisibility cloak that is part of the Deathly Hallows, and they never mention that the cup in Bellatrix's vault used to belong to Helga Hufflepuff, which is kind of important END SPOILER), but seeing that I practically have them memorized, I thought it was pretty dang good. I can't believe they are over. There were some parts of the movie that I thought they captured really well (SPOILER ALERT: I thought they did a great job with Snape's final scene, and the "heaven" scene was much less cheesy than it could have been which was nice END SPOILER), only one scene that was a little too violent for me (and I'm a totally sissy with that kind of stuff), only one of my favorite scenes from the book that was left out (relating to a certain house elf), and I already want to go see it again. Like maybe tonight...

Since we are such die-hard fans, we totally dressed up of course. I was going to wimp out, but then I remembered that this was my last chance.......So sad.....Since I went as the morally upstanding Professor McGonagall for the last movie, I decided to dress as the polar opposite this time and went as the oh-so-evil Bellatrix, with Owen as a Death Eater by my side. Please feel free to laugh at my complete inability to make an "evil" face. It really is quite hilarious.

And here are our friends who we went to the movie with--and they were nice enough to wait in line while I had to teach my aqua aerobics class. Yeah, I went to teach that class last night with my hair and makeup all done already, it was pretty hilarious. Anyway, aren't their shirts the coolest? They made them themselves, design, print and everything, and I think they totally rock.

And now everyone needs to take a moment to be impressed by my super sweet tattoo artistry skills. I think there may be a future for me in this! Ha. Ha. Ha. Anyway, I was quite pleased with the Dark Mark that I gave Owen so I have to show it off here.

And now they are over. Please, someone write some books that are even half as awesome as the Harry Potter books. Two-thirds would be incredible. I think we are going to have to start saving our pennies so we can buy all of the books because they are just that good.

Goodbye childhood. Farewell, stories of my youth.

P.S. Has anyone heard about this? Are they any good? I think that it is a little weird, but I am intrigued (and desperate) enough that I might just read them...

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  1. urg, don't do fanfiction. It's never canon. Wait for pottermore.com, or things like hpcompanion.com