24 July 2011

day 2- Your Favorite Shoes

Well, I hope they didn't mean to pick just one pairs of shoes...

I think we can definitely sense a color scheme here.

These are my new favorite summer shoes--they are lightweight, comfortable, and match everything! I'm definitely bringing them on all our summer trips!

These are my favorite church shoes--I love how nude heels make your legs look so long!

These are my go-to shoes in the winter. I love how I feel like Sherlock Holmes when I am wearing them.

These are the coolest shoes ever. They are so comfortable and my favorite brand AND my favorite color. Plus I don't have to tie any shoelaces. It doesn't really get any better. 

 These are certainly the most impractical shoes that I own, and I have nothing that matches them. But they were the shoes I wore on the best day of my life so I had to include them of course.


1 comment:

  1. Cheater! I think you were supposed to pick one--and you should mention hold old some of those shoes are!!!