23 July 2011

Day 1- Self Portrait

It is official--photographing self portraits is awkward! I figured self portrait meant that I couldn't just get Owen to take a million pictures of me and hope that one was good. So I set out to take one on my own, which means awkward arrangements since I don't have a tripod yet. Also Owen is home right now, and I didn't really want him to see me taking pictures of myself and wonder what the heck was going on, so guess where I ended up--yes, the bathroom. With the door locked. The lighting isn't too bad in there, I could set my camera on the cabinet shelf, and the sound of the fan in the living room means that Owen has remained completely clueless while I set out on this photo adventure! And hey, I got the hardest one done, so the rest should be easy peasy, right?


1 comment:

  1. Wow, I totally thought you were on the couch the whole time. Weird.