25 July 2011

Day 3- Hands

I definitely think that Owen should go into hand modeling. Lovely.

And today's picture is brought to you by....

Me, Owen, and Sammy's :)

Hitting up Sammy's has been one of the goals on my summer To-Do list, so we decided to venture there on Saturday night. I was a little worried, but it was much less busy than I was expecting (probably thanks to Pioneer Day) which was good. They still took forever with our food, and brought out each item we ordered individually, which was annoying. But in any case, it gave me plenty of time to take pictures of our food!

First we got our milkshake. Dessert first I guess. I was expecting a LOT because apparently their fame is due in great part to their ultimate PIE SHAKES. So we got a raspberry cheesecake shake, and here it is:

Yes, it looks like a regular milkshake, and well, sadly tasted like one too. I was really expecting to be blown away by its deliciousness (especially at its absurd price), but no such luck. It was a little too runny (maybe from the heat) and you could hardly tell there was an actual slice of pie in there. I was looking for big chunks of pie crust, and even some cheesecake chunks would have been nice too. But nothing.

After inhaling our milkshake in 0.2 seconds, we waited around for another 15 minutes for our food. Seriously, I have no idea how this place would pass a health inspection. The floor was totally grimy and gross, it was a million degrees in there with no ventilation, and we had the pleasurable company of some buzzing flies since the only seat left was next to the trash cans.

Finally the rest of our food came...

First up, the sweet potato fries. These were my personal favorite part of the meal, but apparently Owen isn't a huge fan of them. They could have been a little thicker, but overall pretty good. And their fry sauce was actually decent and not too mayonnaise-y, which was a nice surprise.

Owen ordered "The Promo" burger, which was pretty much you basic bacon cheeseburger. It was good, nothing outstanding, and was served very hot! Overall, a decent burger with fresh ingredients...still overpriced in my mind.

And then I ordered the El Paso. Like a dummy. Because I totally didn't realize that this was a CHICKEN burger--lame! It was quite disappointed when it came out, but what can you do. I don't think it was entirely my fault, because their menu is very confusing due to the fact that they have regular and chicken burgers all mixed up together on there. Who would have known? Anyway, it was okay. Basically all I could taste was the avocado, which is a good flavor but I really would have liked to been able to notice the pepperjack cheese. Owen and I have been pepperjack cheese fanatics lately.

Overall, I don't think we'll be going there again. At least we can feel like true BYU students now I guess, but I'd rather save money and get a Jumble Berry Pie Shake at the the Malt Shoppe and make my own turkey burger at home.



  1. i'm glad to see i'm not the only one who's not a huge fan of sammy's! my mom, sister, and i went there for lunch a couple months ago, and being the only ones in there, you'd think we'd get our food quickly. but no, it still took them like 20 minutes to bring us two hamburgers and some chicken fingers (which were not made of real chicken). bleh. and i actually thought guru's sweet potato fries were a lot better than sammy's as well. so not worth all of the hipster hype.

    also, your blog is really cute! i'm enjoying reading it! (hope that's not creepy...)

  2. Really? I've heard good things about Guru's and have been wanting to try them--I definitely will now! Thanks!