23 July 2011

Photo Challenge...A Bit Late

So, I saw this photo challenge way back in June when it was actually happening and thought it was a fabulous idea to blog about. Buuuuut, I kind of sort of maybe thought that Owen was going to get a camera for my birthday, so I didn't want to start any cool photography endeavor until I had a nice new lovely and wonderful camera.

And now I do! Yay! And since I just found out that I'm not going to be teaching next session because they had too many teachers and I already have to take a day off work for the PCAT, I figured that I deserved some sort of fun project to work on. I am hoping to practice some of my photography skillzzz (since they haven't really been worked on much since high school) and also have some fun!

Please just ignore the fact that this was supposed to be done in June. I was still taking classes, didn't have a cool camera, and just want to do it now, okay? Sweet!

Look forward to the first image later today! Of course the first one is the hardest, but hey, that's what a challenge is all about, right?

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  1. Hey cool you are doing the challenge! I am too! I have a link up on my blog if you want to link up and I also have an updated version without the "June" on the Photo Challenge here: http://www.sloanbook.com/2011/05/30-day-photo-challenge.html
    Just an idea! Sweet pictures by the way! I'm stuck on mason jars haha.