30 June 2011

My New Favorite Snack

Dear Trader Joe's,

Why, oh WHY do you not exist in Utah?!? I promise if you moved here I would shop there every day (well except Sundays of course) and would tell all my friends about it. You just have so many delicious and healthy and fantastic foods; nowhere else can compare! Please build a store in Utah so I can eat these wonderful dried green mangoes for the rest of my life!

Your biggest fan, 
Dear Mom,

What were you thinking when you introduced me to these delicious things?! You know that I can't buy them here, and I have been slowly rationing out this tiny bag I got, but one day soon they are going to be gone, and I will likely become seriously depressed and it will all be thanks to you. You should have at least told me to buy a year's supply when we were there!

Your slightly resentful daughter,
Dear Owen,

You better not take one step towards these dried green mangoes, or else we will have caramelized onions and olives for dinner every. single. night. Probably with some pine nuts and liver on top, just to make my point clear.
Your protective wife,
Dear Self,

Is it worth $22.58 to buy 4 3.5-oz bags of these online? There is a limited amount remaining....


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  1. Well at least now I know what to get you for Christmas. I will think of you when enjoying my endless supply. . .