01 July 2011

A Week Off?

homemade pita chips...yum
So, since I am working at a pool where they teach two-week swim lessons, when I requested last week off for our vacation in Washington, I got this week off too! AND since next week is the 4th, they are giving that whole week off for everyone too, so really I have 3 weeks off in a row and so far I am loving it! It is so nice not stressing about school or anything else, and I've been able to get tons done around the house. In fact, I feel like I've been just as busy as if I was in school and working. So much for a week off! But at least I was about to make enchiladas (which totally rocked), super clean our house, de-stink-ify our trash can (it was getting a little disturbing), and go shopping with my sister-in-law -- things that would never get to happen otherwise! I also gave myself this sort of funky manicure for the 4th of July with some of that new type of shatter nail polish that I found for cheap. I can't decide if I like it or not, but hey, what the heck! That's what I love about nail polish :)


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