30 June 2011

A Side Trip

Okay, I am going to give you one hint as to where we went during our vacation.....

Alright, alright, I don't want to be too tough on you--here's another one...

You guessed it--Seattle! Since my great-grandma lives up north in Federal Way, we were convinced to drive my grandma up there to see her mom, so we dropped her off and then headed up to the Emerald City (cue Wicked song interlude). We visited Pike Place Market, the Space Needle (of course), the EMP, and then went down to Redondo Beach to have lunch at the illustrious Salty's!

so many beautiful options, and they smelled so good!

totally puts the provo farmers market to shame...

FRESH FISH! (in Aladdin movie voice) Thought about getting some to go but decided it would make all of our luggage smell...fishy...

Owen & Quinn trying the dark chocolate pasta--it was good!

lunch time!

Owen didn't want to share his lunch

my delicious meal--totally spicy and totally perfect

we love gyros

touristy shot

at the emp, where we didn't bother to pay admission

funky wall projector thing, where the jellyfish kept swimming towards Quinn's arm

in front of the space needle, not like you can tell...

YAY! PNW seafood is the best! this restaurant is where my parents met!

spent many a childhood days here :)

nothing beats their fish and chips & chowder


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  1. I don't think Quinn did that bad, it's better than not having any pictures of the two you together! Also, the pic of fish & chips made me hungry. The fish & chips in Seaside were blehh!! I might have to get some at the restaurant next time I'm there, too bad they are so bad for you. Love tartar and fries.