16 June 2011



Done with SPRING TERM -- hallelujah! And just in time too-when I left the testing center after my final exam,  the line was huge! I can't believe how many people are going spring term now, it's crazy. But the good news is, both Owen and I are done! Owen kicked butt and got 100% on his final video game project and MC portion of final exam, and I got a 95% on New Testament, 96% on Family Finance, and a little bit less on Physiology Lab...and we are both so happy to be finished! I can't wait to start enjoying this beautiful weather we have and to NOT STUDY. Well, unless you count studying for the PCAT in July, but whatever.

Camas on Saturday, Seaside on Sunday, and Seattle on Friday! I'm so excited!

hello windy, 60 degree, lovely beach :)


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