14 June 2011

Happy...Flag Day?


Okay, raise of hands out there--who knew today was Flag Day?

Also, can anyone tell me what Flag Day is all about and why we celebrate it?

All I know is that there is not a Flag Day theme for the Google site, which is quite disappointing. Where is your patriotism Google?!?

I never really knew much about it except that it showed up in my planner, and that today there was a flag placed in my yard.

So, happy Flag Day to all of you. I hope you can celebrate it in a more exciting way than I am, which involves studying for my physiology final. Woooooo. And making burgers for dinner. Now that's more like it.

1 comment:

  1. I knew it was flag day! I had it on my google calendar. plus I heard about it on NPR today. In 1777 on June 14th, we first adopted the stars and stripes on the flag. (we've got more stars now but it's still the same general idea...) so we celebrate it. Kind of. By Kind of I mean that no one celebrates it. I still had work today and am studying for a Partnership Tax final. Sweet.